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Brown Bears & Large mammals & Birds €730.00

Not less than 180 species of mammals occur in Europe. For Bulgaria, they number over 100 species among which are such rare European representatives like the Brown Bear, Wolf, Jackal, all species of European Bats, small steppe mammals, etc. It should be noted that our country is inhabited by one of the most stable European populations of the Brown Bear –...

10 October 2015 - 15 October 2015

Autumn Birding Tour. Via Pontica Migration €790.00

By participating in this tour you will have before your eyes unforgettable sights from the autumn migration of small and large species of birds. These birds perform their annual migration for thousand of years now, and follow irreversibly one and the same route. A route bearing from ancient times the name of ‘Via Pontica’. This is the second biggest fly...

05 September 2015 - 12 September 2015

The ancient Bulgaria with the most ancient European civilization €895.00

Bulgaria is one of the most ancient European countries, founded more than 1400 years ago. One of the most ancient civilizations /Thracian / in this world has left an abundance of artifacts and traces in the land of Bulgaria. Some of the recent Thracian finds are dated at more than 6000 years B.C. Our ancestors, the Thracians, have left innumerable artif...

11 September 2015 - 20 September 2015