Wallcreeper & Vultures (Bulgaria) €1,100.00

Bulgaria 21 May 2024 - 28 May 2024

The events in this tour are set in the mythical Rodopi Mountains. Rodopi is the mountain where the mythical Orpheus was born, and where his music made even the most ferocious forest beasts, bears and wolves, to freeze to their place and listen to it. We are going to visit the places where this ancient Thracian god looked for his beloved Eurydice as the ...


Birds of Dobrudza and Northern Black-Sea Coast (Bulgaria) €960.00

Bulgaria 29 April 2024 - 06 May 2024

Pelican Birding Lodge tour. Bulgaria, with its biodiversity, is indeed a unique land. Within its borders and during certain periods of the year one can watch at one and the same time both Mediterranean species of birds and birds that nest in the far-away Siberia. We will visit many marshes and lakes, the riversides of th...


Bee-eaters and Rollers photography tour €1,500.00

Bulgaria 30 April 2024 - 06 May 2024

The tour will be carried out in close proximity of the majestic river Danube and the Nature Reserve Srebarna, which is under UNESCO’s aegis being a Monument of the World Nature Heritage. During the entire sojourn we will be accommodated at the Pelican Birding Lodge. The chief attraction will be the taking of photos from two hides positioned in such a ...


Reptiles and Amphibians of Bulgaria €1,200.00

Bulgaria 18 May 2024 - 27 May 2024

As a land of a great biodiversity (second in Europe by it) Bulgaria is exceptionally rich in rare and endemic plant and animal species, amphibians and reptiles included. This tour offers the participants the opportunity to see some of the rarest and interesting European reptiles and amphibians. The tour will be conducted in Southern Bulgaria low mountai...


June Butterfly tour (Bulgaria) €1,200.00

Bulgaria 02 June 2024 - 10 June 2024

Bulgaria is located in the central and eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and covers a surface area of about 111000 sq. km. On this relatively small area is the greatest displacement of the peninsula-0 to 2925 m a.s.l. which, along with the two clearly manifested climatic zones (continental and transitional-Mediterranean) determine the great diversity...


Spiders of Bulgaria €1,100.00

Bulgaria 03 June 2024 - 11 June 2024

In the world as a whole, and in Bulgaria in particular, spiders occur everywhere: in the plains, in the forests, in the mountains, caves, water bodies, and even on the snow-covered peaks of high mountains. So far, more than 1000 species from Bulgaria are known to scientists, while in the world their total number is about 40 000. Vegetation in its variou...


Dragonflies of Dobrudzha Area and Black-Sea Coast (Bulgaria) €960.00

Bulgaria 03 June 2024 - 10 June 2024

This tour will take us to one of the less known parts of Bulgaria: Southern Dobroudzha. We will visit the last natural wetlands that have survived along the Danube riverside and the Black Sea coast as well as the picturesque valley of river Roussenski Lom. Our goal will be to watch more than 40 species of Dragonflies, some of which you can see only here...


Dragonflies of Bulgaria €980.00

Bulgaria 22 June 2024 - 29 June 2024

The exceptional diversity of Dragonflies in Bulgaria is determined by the geographic location of the country and its specific climatic conditions. Species of Dragonflies occurring in the country are 70. Mountain ranges in South Bulgaria give shelter to relic species, which have survived the last Ice Age. The peats are attractive habitat for Somat...


Mountain Botanist Tour (Bulgaria) €1,200.00

Bulgaria 23 June 2024 - 01 July 2024

Bulgaria is one of the European countries, where the greatest number of species of fern-like (Pteridophyta) and seed plants (Spermatophyta) occur: they total about 4100. Of these, 444 species are endemic: 270 are Balkan endemics, and 174 are Bulgarian endemics. The rare and threatened by extinction species listed in the National Red List are 801. A grea...


Dragonflies of Rhodes Island (Greece) -NEW- €1,700.00

Greece 01 July 2024 - 08 July 2024

Rhodes is one of the richest Greek islands in terms of biodiversity, but not only. Rhodes is a combination of spectacular scenery, unique traditions, rich culture and ancient history. It is situated in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea, just 18 km west of Turkey. Geographical location and climate have turned the flora and fauna of the island into a un...

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