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September 2023

Golden Jackal & European ground squirrel photography -NEW- €820.00

Bulgaria 22 September 2023 - 28 September 2023

Of approximately 180 species of mammal found that populate Europe: in Bulgaria you will find over 100 of these, including numerous rare European examples. During this tour our main focus will be on the Golden Jackal and threatened: European Ground Squirrel. Both of these species survive in sustainable numbers within the borders of the country. Notably:...


Autumn Birding Tour. Via Pontica Migration (Bulgaria) €820.00

Bulgaria 24 September 2023 - 01 October 2023

By participating in this tour you will have before your eyes unforgettable sights from the autumn migration of small and large species of birds. These birds perform their annual migration for thousand of years now, and follow irreversibly one and the same route. A route bearing from ancient times the name of ‘Via Pontica’. This is the second biggest fly...

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